Amelia M. Kaczynska

My name is Amelia M. Kaczynska and I’m a visual artist. I find moving image to be the most powerful and expressive language. I like that it combines the elements of audio with visuals to paint a more elaborate picture. Maybe non-verbal communication doesn’t provide the clearest understanding, but it gives instant insight. Body language, gestures or expression can communicate much more than just words. That’s the reason why I am interested in older art – such as the devotional paintings of the Middle Ages, the positioning of people in Renaissance art or the lifelike and silent art of Realism. I like to explore an unseen world of feelings and memories because it leads toward self knowledge. Every time I place the video camera before my eyes, I try to hunt for footage that can transform an elusive, intangible experience into a tangible one. I like the freedom of form. I don’t want to teach or moralise with my art. My artwork is meant for personal experience and transformation.