Áron Birtalan

Áron Birtalan

Áron Birtalan is a composer and performer.

His works embrace history, sacred music, European folklore, Christian iconography, labyrinths, Alchemy, ruins, spaces and non-spaces feedback,  █████▀█ and -▬▬▬|▬— time, loss, night and the sea. Using the retronym ‘New Liturgy’, Áron’s output incorporates a vast variety of mediums, working towards a clear vernacular of rituals and symbols.


Chant is a musical piece, composed for five performers, and based on the three liminal stages of rituals. Throughout the piece, the players and audience share the same vertical progression, going from a state of domesticated perception of time and locality to a complete temporal and spatial loss and back. Chant is a part of New Liturgy, a research project dedicated to find unexplored languages of religion in media art and contemporary music.