Bardo Frings

Bardo Frings, Netherlands (1984). Within ArtScience the main focus of Bardo Frings lies in exploring the possibilities of digital real-time audiovisual synthesis and transformation. Using different programming environments such as SuperCollider and openFrameworks he creates live cinema performances, and plans to extend these technologies towards experimental theatre performances.

With his live cinema project Bardo Frings has performed at festivals such as STRP and Key of Life, at the Van Gogh Museum and at the BG-22-24. He has also participated in the ArtScience Structet project at Todays Arts in 2010, and several other projects from within and outside of ArtScience, such as the experimental theatre ensemble AdLib.
Furthermore, he has a great interest in natural sciences and has recently finished a minor in this subject area at Leiden University.
In his spare time he also enjoys writing, such as poetry and peculiar theories about the fundamental structure of the world and the universe.