Jelle Goossens

Jelle Goossens, Netherlands (1987) is a musician and multimedia artist. Inspired by science fiction and video games his installation work often creates a fantasy setting for the audience to get lost in. He uses different media to research and eventually find the balance between story-driven concepts and simple minimalistic esthetics. Jelle has a lot of experience in composing and producing music, combining acoustic and electronic elements in a varied range of genres. He is part of multiple musical projects with his main focus on Fourteen Twentysix, and is a long-time guitar player and teacher. His passion is performing live on stage where shows often include visual and interactive aspects and has also participated in both editions of the ArtScience Structet project at the Todays Art festival. He is currently finalizing the Bachelor at the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague.

Goossens’ graduation project uses magnetism to make iron waste come to life. It creates beautiful patterns -some that resemble landscapes or even creatures- out of dead material. It is an ever-changing visual work that draws the attention of the audience, sparkles their imagination and sucks them in. By combining both the human imagination and the inevitable laws of nature it becomes an unpredictable and exciting installation.