Katherine Cunningham

Katherine Cunningham, USA (1982) is a visual and performance-based artist whose work explores identity construction and the possibilities for personal freedom within mass-mediated environments.

Grounded within research in the social sciences, Cunningham has explored concepts such as American attachment to the idea of hope, Post-Feminism trends in contemporary art, psycho-geography and the small town, the female role within religious fundamentalism, ‘States of Exception’ or human rights as theorized by Giorgio Agamben, and the science and spirituality of being a medical patient. Throughout all of her work she has been influenced by the theorist Jacques Rancière and his essay, The Emancipated Spectator, seeking complexity and contradiction within visual aesthetics so as to allow multiple interpretations within the works. Her work is concept-driven employing a variety of mediums including: photography, video, performance, time-based installation, audio composition, textiles, and drawing.

She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from Washington University in St. Louis (USA) and a Master of Fine Arts in photography from The University of Notre Dame (USA). In 2008 she received the Erfroymson Fund Emerging Artist Award. She is currently pursing an Master of Music at the ArtScience Interfaculty in Den Haag, Netherlands.