Luis Rodil-Fernández

I approach my work in the spirit of the researcher, the viewer becomes a user and the engagement between the user and my work becomes an experiment. My experiments are not empirical because I am not interested in the data they generate, the outcome is the experience itself.

In my current line of research I have become interested in the human body and how its use is influenced unconsciously. Central to my subject is the concept of Balance, in a metaphorical as well as a literal sense. The struggle for Balance in both these senses is something that defines the personal journey of many people, yet when the struggle disappears, Balance often returns. In my work I relate the psychophysical concept of Balance with a related concept from cybernetics called Dynamic Equilibrium, that defines the state of a system that is finely adjusted through feedback. For my studies I use several techniques that make my subjects more aware of their proprioceptive sense. My works stem from observations made during my research process, while at the same time they steer my research towards new directions.


Luis Rodil-Fernández has studied Computer Science and years later went back to school to study Fine Art to finally come full circle in the ArtScience Interfaculty as a master’s student. As a youngster he was active in the demoscene, programming real-time computer graphics animations and since then has used computers for the exercise of his creativity in different ways. The demoscene left a profound mark in his ethos of work as he grew up in a culture in which, what today is called a hackathon, was the most usual form of teamwork.

As a publisher and editor he started different initiatives mostly in the digital domain. In 2000 he started with a group of friends and was chief editor untill 2006. An online portal with original editorial content that was the information hub of the Spanish-speaking demoscene. In 2011 he started GUTmag, a cultural bloggazine covering different research topics as well as events in Amsterdam and London. Writing is central to his existence as it helps him sharpen his keen sense of observation and his analytic inclinations.

Since 2006 he has developed a more autonomous line of work and combines his various skills in the production of original work as well as teaching the techniques he has gained experience with along the way.