Malu Peeters

Malu Peeters, Netherlands (1984) makes theatrical performances and time-based installations, where subtle variations in darkness and kinetic lights structure the music composition. She is intrigued by the cacophony of large city environments, and by how our current hyperbolic environment diffuses our reflective capacities. The spatial and theatrical capacities of sound, as well as the multisensory experience of space, form recurring elements in her work and research.

For her graduation in the Master Art Science she ‘composes’ a magic-realistic large-city environment, where one is urged to slow down, to reflect on background noise, to find silence in an overflow of information-input.

Before attending the ArtScience Masters program, Malu Peeters finished a Bachelor (With Honours) in Composition & Music Technology at the Utrecht School of the Arts. In 2006 she co-founded theatre collective Le Nu Perdu. Since 2006, Le Nu Perdu performed at several Dutch theatre venues and site-specific festivals, such as Over ‘t IJ Festival (Ins Blaue Hinein In Avión 2007, Schemer 2008 and Heim, 2009), Festival aan de Werf, Het VEEMtheater and Theater Frascati.

Le Nu Perdu’s seventh and newest theatre installation will have its Dutch premiere in December 2011.

Besides the arts practice she is personal assistant to composer Louis Andriessen, and co-founder, writer and editor of hard//hoofd: Dutch online magazine for art and (new-)journalism.