Mik Maes

About Mik Maes

How ArtScience will help me to fulfill my lifelong goal of becoming a
forester is not yet clear to me. But who knows, my skills in artistic
research might come in handy while out in the woods. In the meantime,
until I’ve gathered the means to start building my own log cabin
(mounted deer antlers included of course), I like to work with video,
do background research for concepts and struggle to make my colleagues
and teachers stop listening to noise pieces for a minute to get some
real music in their system. The cabin should have chickens, a log pile
and a porch so I can sip bourbon while watching the sun go down. I
have a background in social installations with artist collective
Teletekst is Dood. I like art, but people tend to make too much a big
deal out of it. I’d make lovely stews in a big battered pan on the
campfire. I’d also grow a beard. My last work was a documentary about
the cleaning staff of the KABK.

About Mik Maes’ work

My work is usually awkward. I’d say funny, but that’s not for me to
decide. Juxtaposition is fun, so is parody. But I feel the best form
of humor is subtle. Almost unnoticeable. Coming from daily life. Or
unintentional. There is more humor in art than people might like. My
graduation work won’t have any humor in it. It will be an extremely
serious work about internet urban legends that will make you want to
start sleeping with the lights on. It will also be very interesting,
groundbreaking, cutting edge and extremely relevant. Galleries will
pay me huge amounts of money to exhibit it, which I will then spend on
having Scooter make Eurodance remixes of all of Steve Reich’s works
and perform them live at the academy. This performance will be my
magnum opus, and will be the greatest work of art ever created.