Mischa Daams

Sensitive Light, 2012, Mischa Daams


As a kid I grew up with computers and took apart RC-toys to understand how they worked. This fascination with technology took me into a bachelors study in media technology and user experience. Media and technology are my comfort zone, and experimenting with them comes naturally to me.

Aside from that, music and sound in general have always been an important part of my life and nowadays they manifest in my creative output. I listen to and record the world, compose and play music, both for myself or as part of my artistic practice.

During my prior education in media and user experience I developed a strong fascination for perception, and how we humans synthesize our sensory experiences into a holistic reality. From this point of departure I started to apply media in several forms to intervene in this process, by augmenting and/or replacing sensory stimuli in order to further explore the notion of reality and to explore its ambiguities. The way we are subject to (planned) manipulation in the creation of conscious and less conscious experience is something that inspires me a lot.

About Mischa’s Work

My research deals with phenomena inherent in our natural surroundings (cycles, oscillations, entropy, and characteristics of light) and those that are part of our inner world (perception, imagination, consciousness). By manipulating the environment and its physical processes that the participant is exposed to, I aim to direct a dialog between the participant and the mediated environment. This in order to open up new ways of looking at and thinking about both our subjective apparatus and the systems that constitute our physical surrounding world.