Ofer Smilansky

Ofer Smilansky, Israel (1982) studied electronic arts at the Musrara School for Photography, Digital Media and New Music in Jerusalem, Israel. Ofer is presently a student in his fourth year at the Art Science department at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands. His main artistic research is live cinema, both on the esthetic and the technical levels. He creates audiovisual performances which combine captured reality and digital manipulation using live and recording, improvised and composed elements. In 2008 Ofer Smilansky made the short movie Effraction which was screened at the Holland Animation Film Festival 2008. In 2009 he created a live cinema installation based on Nabokovs novel ‘Transparent Things’. This year his new piece Transience has been shown at the Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam) during one of the Friday nights revolving around the exhibition Illusions of reality, and at the Key of Life Festival (Leiden). In parallel to his work as an audiovisual artist, Ofer Smilansky is playing and producing electronic music in various projects, mainly a Netherlands-based electro-acoustic band  Gamila, and a collaboration with the Israeli musician Danski. Ofer is also currently involved in a project S.I.R (Symbiosis Interface Research) to design a standalone device conceived for playing electronic music with maximum flexibility and expression.