Panagiotis Tomaras

Panagiotis Tomaras, Greece (1985): is a multimedia artist working with 3D video projection mapping, photography, film and spatialized sound. His work investigates the visual and audible mediums, through the development of light and sound environments.

His later light installation Trans deals with our visual perception of space. Is focusing more on spatial recognition and the ways we understand our surroundings. By the usage of light, sound, and form, a spatial disorientation is being achieved; a spatial uncertainty of the spectator. Taking advantage of our visional limitations and simple physical color perceptual properties, Trans brings the visitor to experience a paradoxical spatial displacement.

Trans refers to an overwhelmed experience, to a psychological and physical opposite side, an experience that is beyond our limits of control.

Panagiotis Tomaras has commissioned for theater visuals, commercial teasers, motion graphics and has participated and awarded in several festivals and competitions. Since 2012 he has been curating the Athens Video Art Festival and has been giving workshops in video mapping techniques.

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