Preview Exhibition 2015


Absurd Memory Mirror

He is knowing while constructing

absurd necessities of texts

and transforming Your worlds

Immediate Paradox Agent

She is happening while provoking

visceral projections of resistances

and analysing His performances

Invisible Quality Failure

She is moving while approaching

endless perceptions of languages

and creating Our bindings

Ready-made Language Metaphor

We are composing while transforming

individual objects of qualities

and playing Her spaces

Repetitive Image Nihilist

You are auditing while speculating

new strings of materials

and communicating Her transitions

Untouchable System Gallery

You are attending while imprinting

social traces of materials

and forgetting Their bindings

Vulnerable Film Sculpture

Our language imprinted

Your research accepted known spaces

We are auditing while performing

odd movements of tissues

and appearing in Your memories

Virtual Absurdity Measure

His material forgot

Her metaphor constructed mundane flows

We are watching while playing

changing failures of absurdities

and transforming Our provokers

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