Thijs van Teijlingen


We have a much clearer image of the world thanks to technology, but if the technology influences the way the world is presented to us, is this image as clear as we think it is?
Thijs van Teijlingen has built a sculpture that transmits light frequencies that are only perceptible via the devices that inhabit our pockets. With the use of our own smartphones the audio visual installation ‘A CCD Intervention’ comes to be. By looking at the live camera feed on our phone we see a sequence of patterns which would normally be invisible to the naked eye, and the CCD chip in our phone becomes a medium for expressing hidden frequencies. His work has been centered around light installations via which he investigates how tools and apparatuses inform how we perceive the world. Working with materials such as neon- or LED light, van Teijlingen encourages the viewer to reflect upon the physical world around them.