Daan de Loor

Daan de Loor (ArtScience Mmus as Daan Westerheide) is a Vacuumystic, speculative writer and exhibition maker based in The Hague.
An interdisciplinary artist, with a background in filmmaking, that started the ArtScience program with disocculted space (tiny lights in space) installations and ended the study in the dark (read: vacuum of space).

Vacuous Art “My task in this life is to perform as curator and to bring art into space (speculatively and hopefully literally someday). We all know that earth without art is just eh but now it’s time to let art float forever in the voids of outer space.”

A ‘Pataphysical Notion
“In my work I focus on the playfulness and uselessness of art. I like to make sense of the world by using oxymoronics and adynata (impossibilia) of any artistic medium in my curator-as -performer art practice.”

What if you would experience floating in space as an art installation?

The Void (kha), that is the same as Joy (ka).

The Void, that is the same as the Vacuum of Space.

The Void, that is the same as Exhibition Space.

The Universe, that is the Greatest Exhibition Space.

Imagine yourself floating in the voids of space…floating inside the cosmic galleries of the Universe.

Vacuumystics is a performative and spatial installation whereby acoustic sound is being muted (closed off) and ‘turned on’ (opened up), and thus experienced as a fluid and transient passage in the dark…in the vacuum of outer space. Vacuumystics takes you, the valiant vacuonaut, to an uncanny sphere. It takes you to a nothingness, in the middle of everything and nothing, between noise and silence. Vacuumystics is being performed just for you alone.