Dieter Vandoren

About // Dieter Vandoren, Belgium (1981) is a media artist, performer and developer. His work balances on the edge of creative arts and scientific research & development. It combines audiovisual creation with IT engineering in architectural settings, mostly real-time generative and interactive. His current focus is on performing spatial, immersive audiovisual instruments.

He is a guest tutor and researcher at the Hyperbody and StudioLab groups at the Delft University of Technology (Faculty of Architecture and Industrial Design, respectively) and directs Rotterdam-based art centre De Fabriek. His performance Integration.03 was nominated for the STRP Talent Pit Award 2011.

Integration.04 // A realtime sculpture in space, light and sound.

Dieter Vandoren’s performance instrument fuses three spaces into one integrated medium: physical space, digital space and bodily space. The performer’s mental intents translate directly into bodily manipulations of the immersive light and sound structures, causing a strong embodied experience for both performer and audience. Integration.04 is to be sensed by the entire body, not just the eyes and ears.