Gala Tellechea Velez

Cloud observation

When a man looks at a beautiful pearly cloud in the sky, he might not be doing what he thinks he is doing,

That is because he can say “I am looking at a cloud”.
He might be looking, but perhaps not seeing anything at all, or anything else than the word Cloud in his mind. He might take for granted that he knows something that is actually quite alien to him.

The wonders of light, the gray, blue, yellow, pink and white colors, the metaphors and ideas that are hidden in that picture, they all pass unnoticed through his perception. They appear to be invisible.

Art knows a frame. But so does perceiving life. Practically anything we choose to observe, could hold endless meanings depending on the frame of mind one is looking through.

In this sense, Cloud Observation is my art practice.

Accepting the existence of time as a fact is already a strong proof of the power that an idea can have on people’s perception.

To me it is very important to remain aware of how much of a mystery life is, and not to forget that we are a mystery to ourselves too. That in a way, home is outside and the Self is a stranger. – And on that day, this man’s home is the sky and he is a cloud.

About my work

What concerns me most is the world view of the modern man, where a Scientific perspective seems to deny the possibility of a Spiritual or Mystical understanding of the world.

I play between composition and improvisation, concerning the subject of music, metaphysics, time, awareness, the unconscious, rationality, language, ethics, history and future history, science, culture and nature. Struggling with existential phenomena of death, beauty, hope, love, innocence, irony and absurdity.

In my next Film I am again wondering about the Scientific and the Religious world views, as well as questioning Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Spirit of the Child” as something we should head to. But perhaps taking love and beauty as the only true satisfying answers to life. As
the only hope we are left with.

Medium: Film. Performance. Music. Writings and Real Life enactments.


Gala Tellechea Velez was born in 1986 in Argentina, at the mountains of Cordoba. As a four year old she immigrated with her parents to Spain, and at the age of fifteen, she moved to Holland.

Gala started studying viola at the age of ten in music schools and later in the Professional Conservatory of music in Segovia, Spain. She is now a self-taught pianist, researching improvisation, as well as experimenting on composition through performances. She also started writing poetry and small studies at the age of twelve and continued doing so through her art practices.

For a short period of time she was a philosophy and photography student, while as a documentary photographer and a private Spanish teacher. During her studies she has collaborated with several visual artists and musicians at various occasions in Holland, Spain and England. At the ArtScience department she developed as a performer and director, and ended reconciling her fields of interest and art practices in Film.