Ilia Lukovnikov

Digital AudioVisual explorer. Looking for connections between art, design and technology.


There is no meaning in having that vast amount of information. Same counts for the instruments we manipulate this information with. It is too much for a single person to get main ideas out of a modern world’s reality. From the very first moment of inventing a system which collects and records information, the amount of information has gradually grown. To get the meaning out of this huge amount of information, various instruments have been built. On top of this new meaningful chunk of knowledge, another system appears and the cycle repeats. Every new system and instrument is solving the same problems that were solved by previous systems and instruments. Today we still need new instruments to analyze and manipulate new information to be used. With every second the amount of information grows and this instrument has to be very efficient. It seems that a recent tool – computer, is the most sophisticated and perfect tool for such a task. However this instrument has to evolve the same way as previous instruments did. Such tool is somewhat different from the previous ones and it can shrink in size. Today we multiply information by using handheld computers. But these computers are not suited for manipulating the whole amount of information humans produce. In future AI and quantum computers will face the same problems as the modern and previous information systems and instruments did before them. It is a never-ending cycle…