Maarten Brijker

Maarten Brijker makes mixed media artworks dealing with Online Identity, Popculture and Roleplaying in Music. Under the dj moniker Yon Eta he performs in clubs and runs a monthly show at Red Light Radio, exploring story telling qualities in music. Besides, this Hague­based artist runs the DEVORM imprint, a hybrid community challenging the form of AV releases. And in his ‘Bar None presents’ clubevents he explores the past, present and future of club culture. In recent years he has released audiovisual works in collaboration with FOAM, EYE Film Institute and Freeform Festival and performed at Sonic Acts festival, the Long Progress Bar festival (UK) and Amsterdam Dance Event. Brijker has won major awards at De Grote Prijs van Nederland (2010) and the Berlin Music Video Awards (2013).

monthly viral radio show: