Nele Brökelmann

Nele Brökelmann is an artist who is deeply intrigued by the human need for structures of meaning. She is investigating the mechanisms of institutionalized belief- and power structures and the opposition of active and passive roles within societies. Her work consists of different narrative forms, such as text and video, in which the interdependencies between different actors within these power structures are exposed.
Currently, she is developing situations wherein the spectator has an active role, facilitating time and space for the participants to experience and reflect.

Brökelmann graduated in 2013 from Fine Arts at St. Joost Academy in Breda, the Netherlands. In the years that followed she initiated and took part in residencies, workshops and exhibitions around the Netherlands and beyond. In 2014 she was one of the initiators of the artist’s initiative ‘inhetmidden’, organising extensive residencies and discussions, and was part of setting up the artists’ run online magazine
At the moment Brökelmann is collaborating in the project ‘The Act of Reading’, facilitating time and space to be and read collectively.