Opening event

Korzo Theatre, 16th May 2013

18:30 Doors open
18:45 Introduction by Taco Stolk

Korzo Zaal

19:00 “Immanuel Immanuel” film by Gala Tellechea Velez
20:30 Concert Beeld en Geluid: with feedbacksociety, ATK!, Joris Strijbos & Dieter Vandoren and Jonathan Reus.

Korzo Studio

Synthesis audio-odor-visual piece by Klara Ravat – from 18:30 to 20:30
and from 22:30 to 23:30

Korzo Club

19:30 “BRAID” performance by Luis Rodil-Fernández
with Almudena Ballesteros Parejo and Demian Haller

“Flexor” installation by Ludmila Rodrigues – ongoing

Korzo Foyer

23:00 music by DJs freshmania and Mrtz

Concert Beeld & Geluid

20:30 Korzo Zaal

A curatorial team of alumni presents selected works from the past and present which zoom in on some of the activities done at the ArtScience Interfaculty. The result is a night of Live Cinema, which can be seen as the live creation of image and sound in a cinematic setting.

feedbacksociety (nl/est)

For this occasion the collective consists of Arno Scheper and Renzo van Steenbergen who are well known for their powerful performative installations. feedbacksociety will present a 2013 version of the DrillCamDrones performance.

ATK! (be/il)

Isjtar and Ofer Smilansky collide to launch ATK! [uh-tak]. Born out of a desire to expressively perform electronic music, ATK! is a fusion of experimental techniques, improvisation and bold musical content. By combining lights into the composition and performance process, ATK! wants to set alight architectural structures, burn shadows on the walls.

Joris Strijbos & Dieter Vandoren (nl/be)

The occasional duo collaborates on a new Live Cinema project. They combine the tools and instruments they have developed over the years into a one-off act prepared exclusively for the event. &

Jonathan Reus (us/nl)

Adding to a recent string of instrumental concept performances, Jonathan Reus presents a new work reanimating obsolete Apple computers using a mixture of electronic modifications, feedback, and live hacking techniques.