Virginie Dubois

About Virginie

Born in Paris in 1977; graduated in economy at La Sorbonne University in 1999.
Shortly thereafter, she moved to New York to study photography and worked as
an assistant for artists and photographers.

Back in Europe in 2003, she worked as a photographer and editor of fashion for a few years.

In 2007, she started to collaborate with performers and dancers.

In 2008, she spent six months in Japan to perform with international Butoh dance companies while doing a research residency at the Tokyo Wonder Site.

Since 2011, she studies at the ArtScience Interfaculty in Den Haag, where she lives and works.

About Virginie’s work

My long held fascination for symbols and diagrams has lead my work to
explore the notion of a universal language. Interested in theories of the mind, my current research focuses on the process of perception and cognitive understanding as a framework for the apprehension of significant structural patterns.