Yolanda Uriz

Yolanda Uriz, Spain (1982), focuses her work on creating immersive experiences by bringing to awareness matters from reality that are unnoticed, aided by nowadays technology. From experimental music to installations, solo or in collaboration, she has presented her work in festivals such as Medea Electronic 2008, Greece (Ademen); TodaysArt 2010, Netherlands, (Structet); Spark Festival 2010, USA (Ademen); Palm Top Theater exhibition in Rotterdam Film Festival 2011 Netherlands (Lepokoa); STRP Festival 2011, Netherlands (Cymating, Lepokoa). www.yolandauriz.info



~Kulunka~ ‘Phenomenological embodied visual sound’ is an installation that besides hearing, evokes unusual ways of perceiving vibrations: seeing and being touched by them. Sound waves are projected on the ceiling, while the spectator is embraced in a tactile sonic experience from a vibrating panel.